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CAP Programs

EMERGING GROWTH is mentoring CEOs, CTOs and Program Managers who have received SBIR funding from the NIH, NSF, and USDA.

How We Work with Commercialization Assistance Programs

Since the time of the first CAP program in 2004, EGE partnered with LARTA, the leading contractor for SBIR-based CAP programs funded by various Government Agencies. We serve these programs in the role of Principal Advisors (PA) to the grant funded client companies, as part of the overall LARTA team.

EMERGING GROWTH's team will help the CAP client companies:

Formulate a clear market value proposition.

Define their key issues and challenges for commercialization.

Create a work-plan and objectives to overcome these challenges.

Interactively mentor the client's management team through a 6-9 month engagement.

Help create a cohesive plan of action.

Support the creation of adequate presentation material.

The team has been engaged with over 60 client companies, and remains on of the largest providers of this type of services in the country.

Examples of Technology Areas

EMERGING GROWTH works across multiple technology platforms in most emerging fields, such as medical devices, drug development, information technology, media driven solutions, novel materials, agricultural innovations, and renewable energy. Despite the differences in the individual technologies across these various fields, each company share the same set of challenges: What is the true value proposition we bring to the market, what are the current solutions available to the market, who will be the first company or customer that will want to use our technology, and how do we get them interested in talking to us.

EMERGING GROWTH has domain experience from many technically challenging fields, for example:

3D ultrasound imaging (medical device).

Thin film capacitors (energy storage)

Micro array devices (nanotech).

Machine vision equipment (manufacturing).

Membrane separation (food industry).

Sample Client Companies


Eaker Epidemiology Enterprises, LLC  Healia, Inc.  Valdez & Associates  Blaufuss Multimedia  Medical Directions, Inc.  Nanogen, Inc.  WinProbe Corporation  Aphios Corporation  Vesticon  CorTechs Labs, Inc.  CHA Corporation  BioTechPlex  Ichor Medical Systems, Inc.  NovaRX Corporation  Vical  SourceSignal  illumina, Inc.  X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc.  Alias-i  BioMedware, Inc. (TerraSeer)  NXi Communications, Inc.  Artann Laboratories, Inc.  BIOMEMS, LLC  Fairway Medical Technologies, Inc.  Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.  Isogenis  Auritec Pharmaceuticals  Combinix, Inc.  Vivo Biosciences Inc.

EMERGING GROWTH remains connected with many of these clients, and if you are a potential partner or customer for any of these companies, we would welcome an email with your specific interest, so that we can make an introduction or otherwise facilitate your interest in a specific client's technology.

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