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"Planning, Building and Financing Business Growth"

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EMERGING GROWTH works selectively with privately held entrepreneurial companies.

How We Work with Individual Entrepreneurs

We often get to know the people and their technology through an initial engagement, such as a market study, or through personal referrals. In a few of these companies, we have taken on executive roles, and rolled up our sleeves to help build the company, with involvement sometimes spanning several years.

This continued involvement as "serial entrepreneurs" fuels our drive to help other entrepreneurs succeed, and it is perhaps our most significant differentiator relative to other boutique advisory firms.

EMERGING GROWTH helps the Entrepreneur to:

Comple the management team without needing a full-time hire.

Increase the corporate experience level and credibility.

Infuze energy, vision, drive and success orientation.

Reach critical commercial milestones (funding, partnerships, etc).

Bring the company to the next level.

We do not currently share our list of current or past private clients on the website.

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