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Technology R&D Sponsors

EMERGING GROWTH occationally teams up with universities, venture capital funds, or other institutions, which sponsor technology research and development through their funds or foundations. The sponsor has typically already invested large amounts in a specific project, and the EMERGING GROWTH team can help identify the path to market for this technology. In some cases we even bring the technology in front of potential partners, who can take over the commercialization of the technology.

How We Work with Technology R&D Sponsors

EMERGING GROWTH develops a specific proposal based on what the sponsor is interested in accomplishing. Typically, we will be engaged to perform a full path-to-market study, and in some cases to help implement the study's recommendations.

EMERGING GROWTH's team will help the Technology Sponsor:

Review the most relevant applications of the technology.

Perform a SWOT analysis and develop directional strategies.

Outreach to industry contacts to validate initial findings.

Perform in-dept full path-to-market study.

Present an implementable stategy and next steps recommendations.

In addition to working on specific technologies and projects, the EMERGING GROWTH team is often called upon by R&D Sponsors to serve as evaluators for written technology grant applications, or as panel members for final rounds of competitive in-person presentations by the grant applicants.

As part of our commitment to the sponsors and promoters of entrepreneurship, we frequently volunteer as presenters at conferences and networking events, focusing on topics relating to: R&D portfolio prioritization, early stage commercialization, strategic partnering, and entrepreneurship in general.

Examples of Technology Areas

EMERGING GROWTH has supported R&D Sponsors from various fields of specialization and emphasis, including Bio-Engineering, Medical Equipment, Environmental, Defence and Homeland Security, just to name a few.

For example, the following are all technologies we have worked on:

Rocket launch program using sub-orbital rockets (CCAT/OTTC).

Brain stimulation using gene-modification and implantable device (Stanford).

Environmental compliance using databased information and central call center (VC).

Infant health using a positional plagiocephaly pillow (USC).

Three-dimentional sound simulation using PC-based software (UCSD).

Sample Technology Sponsor Clients


We are pleased to have served the following universities and grant foundations: Stanford University BioDesign (STANFORD); The Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering (AMI at USC); The Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT and OTTC at San Diego State University)

The technologies we have worked on have been recognized in various ways, including: Top 10 Technologies Award (MIT Technology Review); Brilliant 10 Award (Popular Science); First commercialized technology from the Alfred E. Mann Institute.

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